Govt Arts College was established in the year 1886. It is situated in the heart of the Bangalore city. During the British Rule it was known as the collegiate high school and was called the intermediate college in 1927. In the later period after 1956 it came to be famously known as GAS College. i.e.,Govt Arts & Science College. In 1971   Arts & Science was bifurcated.
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Engage in constant pursuance of  quality resource for accomplishing excellence in higher learning to  nourish a sense of  self-reliance, commitment and concern in  the learners with a spirit of service.

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Facilitating ethical higher learning ambiance while fostering a sense of social justice, gender sensitization, tolerance  and  universal human-hood thereby promoting  for  transformation of  the first generation learners  into dynamic and empowered youth force.


  •  To maintain consistency in  providing healthy and  research friendly   academic environment    for higher education learners.
  • To expand  avenues for the learners with more  subject options keeping in mind  the number of aspirants  for Graduate, Post-graduate and Research programs in Arts, Commerce and Management .
  • To provide  equal and fair  opportunity  for all the learners to    achieve their personality specific  knowledge  or skill at making  them a properly placed potential human resource.
  • To motivate the learners  adopt the quality of  peace  and  tolerance. 
  •  To sensitize students upon  burning issues like global warming, gender inequality  and make them the part of  inclusive education.
  • To facilitate students with  changing e- technology.
  • To make better usage of the available facilities  to provide students with learning resource and training, to meet the local and the global  challenges.
  • To maintain   'transparency'   in curricular, co-curricular and administrative matters  to the stakeholders. 

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